Monday, September 6, 2010

Latest TPP counting.

LNP 2355 votes ahead out of 11.7 million votes counted for the 142 normal seats.

I think that is about 97.3% of the expected number of final formal votes counted
in those 142 seats.

My latest estimates for the final result are:

Total number of formal votes in the normal seats: 11986353

ALP to get 5988575 of them, that’s 49.96%.
LNP to get 5997778 of them, that’s 50.04%.
margin 9203 to LNP.

Then the eight special seats.

ALP to win Batman TPP by a margin of 41,902. (76%)
ALP to won Melbourne by 39,358. (71%)
ALP to win Grayndler by 38,132. (72%)
ALP to win Denison by 21,373. (66%)
LNP to win Kennedy by 20,785. (ALP 37%)
LNP to win Lyne by 20,877. (ALP 38%)
LNP to win O’Connor by 32,476. (ALP 31%)
LNP to win New England by 34,857. (ALP 31%)

Final total margin:
ALP by 22,477

Out of about 12,700,000 votes that’s a final
result of:

ALP 50.09% – LNP 49.91%

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